Dalton Water Association


Dalton Water Association will use this announcements page to communicate current events to our residents. We will post items relevant to our members and residents.

2025 Annual Meeting:
March 3rd  – 7:30 PM – Dalton Gardens City Hall

Consumer Confidence Report/Drinking Water Quality Report

Current Water Fee Schedule

DWA Board’s Message

Annual Backflow Test Submission Deadline is May 15th.

Winter Reminders: To help prevent frozen water pipes, when temperatures reach 10 degrees, or below, leave your kitchen sink faucet running with cold water at a pencil-lead thickness all night and during the day if temperatures remain at 10 degrees or below. Also, remember to close crawl-space vents if they are located close to water pipes.


    Dalton Water Association, Inc.
    6360 N. 4th St., Dalton Gardens, ID 83815
    Phone: (208) 772-5639
    Business Hours: 10AM-5PM Tues, Wed, Thurs.

Dalton Water Association