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Dalton Water Association, Inc. is committed to ensuring that your drinking water is pure and healthy. Because of the possibility that contaminated water may return to the public supply from the customer if certain conditions are present, the association is asking your cooperation in our CROSS-CONNECTION CONTROL PROGRAM.

What are cross-connections? A cross-connection is any actual or potential physical connection between your public water supply and a source of contamination or pollution, which could enter the public drinking water system. This connection can be creates when using certain appliances or plumbing fixtures. A cross-connection can pose a serious threat to your home water supply and your public water supply.

Normal system pressure prevents other substances from flowing backwards into the public water system. However, certain events may lower the main pressure enough to allow a reversal of water flow into the general system.
The following link will take you to the latest American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA) video that explains the importance of having an effective cross-connection control program https://youtu.be/tVRtfTIqCl0. For more information and videos check out the following link https://abpa.site-ym.com/page/Profiles_Series.

Isolation/Containment: There are two types of backflow protection: Isolation and Containment.
Isolation is the control of cross-connections within a building’s plumbing system by the installation of approved backflow prevention assemblies or methods at or near the potential sources of pollution or contamination.
Containment is the installation of an approved backflow prevention assembly, or method, on the water service lines serving any premises, location, facility, or area. Protection by containment shall be used when the potable water system may be contaminated or polluted by substances used or stored within a building or premises.

Legislation: The Idaho State legislature has adopted rules which prohibit hazardous connections to a drinking water supply. In addition to these rules, the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has adopted regulations which require water suppliers to protect the public distribution systems from possible contamination.
The State of Idaho regulations require water utilities to protect distribution systems through the use of backflow prevention devices. The regulations also require that these valves be maintained and tested a minimum of once a year.
In 2001, the Dalton Water Association, Inc. adopted Resolution 01-2001 to protect the public health by the control and prevention of actual and potential cross-connections by requiring the proper installation and safeguarding of service lines leading to premises where cross-connections exist or are likely to occur, by periodic inspection and by regulating plumbing with in premises or to the public water system itself. An additional purpose is to provide for the maintenance of a continuing program of cross-connection control which will systematically and effectively prevent the contamination or pollution of all potable water delivered by the water system of the Dalton Water Association, Inc.

Dalton Water Association, Inc.’s Resolution 01-2001, prohibits all cross-connections, whether or not they are controlled by automatic devices such as check valves, or by hand-operated mechanisms as gate valves or stop clock; and, specifically, any reinjection or modifications allowing reinjectionof water by individual, commercial, or industrial uses, to the public water system. (Water-to-water and water-to-air heat exchangers are considered a cross-connection because of health risks.)
Failure on the part of person, firms, or corporations, to discontinue the use of all cross-connections and to physically separate cross-connections is sufficient cause for the immediate discontinuation of public water service to the premises.

The Proper Assembly: The regulations re require you to participate in this program by installing a special device near your water meter at the service connection or immediately inside your building. This device will prevent the possibility of water or other material from flowing back into the public water distribution system.
The Water Master for Dalton Water Association, Inc. will determine what type of protections is required. Staten and industry specifications established standards for installing and testing backflow prevention assemblies.

The Annual Inspection: Once your backflow prevention assembly is installed, it will be necessary to annually test and maintain the unit to make sure it is functioning properly. The maximum allowable time between your scheduled backflow inspections is one year. It is the property owner’s responsibility to make sure an inspection is set up with an Idaho State Licensed/Certified Cross-Connection Technician/Backflow Tester and that the association receives a copy of the passed backflow device report prior to the one year maximum. The association will send out a reminder letters each April.

Containment: Through this program, the association will require that your system be separated from the public system. If a backflow situation occurs, the association will be protected from any contamination that may flow from your plumbing system into the public water system.

Isolation: It is very important for you to take necessary precautions for protecting your internal plumbing system. This type of protection is called isolation protection. Isolation protection will be each consumer’s responsibility, as dictated by the plumbing code. Although your plumbing system may have been constructed with great care in the past, changes may have created the need for additional protection for your system with special backflow prevention devices.

Disconnection: In the event that a facility owner does not demonstrate program compliance in a timely manner, the association will disconnect the water supply to that facility. Disconnection and reconnection fees will apply.

Program information in PDF format:

Resolution 01-2001 – Regulation for Cross-Connection Control

Resolution 01-2002 – Further Establishing Cross-Connection Regulation – Commercial Users

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