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Notice to all licensed testers of backflow prevention assemblies testing in the boundaries of Dalton Water Association.

Licensed testes wishing to test backflow prevention assemblies within the boundaries of Dalton Water Association and premises served by the water systems of Dalton Water Association are required, under the Cross-Connection Control Regulations set forth in the Idaho Rules for Public Drinking Water System and the bylaws of the Association, to register with Dalton Water Association.

The registration requirements are:

    1. The Backflow Assembly Tester must maintain a current State of Idaho Backflow Assembly Tester’s license/certificate.
    2. The Backflow Assembly Tester’s backflow assembly test equipment shall be calibrated annually by the gauge manufacturer or a qualified calibration facility within the manufacturer’s specifications.
    3. The Backflow Assembly Tester s shall provide Dalton Water Association with a copy of tester’s current State of Idaho Backflow Assembly Tester’s license and a copy of the calibrated equipment test for the current year along with the completed Application for Backflow Assembly Testing to be kept on file at the Association’s office.

Licensed backflow assembly testers wishing to be registered with the Dalton Water Association are required to obtain/complete/submit the Application for Backflow Testing annually. To register with the Association, please click on the link below to download an application form.

The Backflow Assembly Tester shall be responsible for the accuracy of all tests and reports prepared by the tester. The registration issued to any Backflow Assembly Tester may be revoked or suspended by the Dalton Water Association for improper testing or reporting.

A link to the Association’s approved Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report is below:

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